ASHT Membership

MEMBER - An individual working in the area of human toxicology, within the Province of Alberta.
In addition, the minimum educational requirement for MEMBER is a two year technical diploma in biology, chemistry, biochemistry or a related science (e.g. pharmacy, medical laboratory science).
An applicant for MEMBER must have a minimum of one (1) year of experience in human toxicology or a related field encompassing human toxicology.

AFFILIATE MEMBER - Any individual who does not meet the requirements of MEMBER may be considered for acceptance as an AFFILIATE MEMBER in the SOCIETY.

Admission To Membership

  • An application for membership must be completed and be sent to the current Secretary or Treasurer, with the appropriate membership fee.
  • The names of two sponsors who are MEMBERS of ASHT and who have professional knowledge of the applicant, must be included.
  • Applications are considered by the ASHT Board at the next scheduled meeting. Applications recommended by the Board are formally presented to the membership at the next General Meeting of the SOCIETY. Applications for membership must be approved by a majority of MEMBERS present.

Membership Fees (Canadian $)

     MEMBER - $20
     AFFILIATE - $20

Membership fees can be paid by eTransfer:

  • The e-mail address to use is:
  • Transfers will be auto-deposited.

For further information refer to the bylaws or contact an ASHT board member.