Alberta Society for Human Toxicology (ASHT)

  • The society was originally formed in 1986 (as the Alberta Society of Clinical and Forensic Toxicologists - ASCFT) to host meetings and continuing education seminars for the benefit of clinical and forensic toxicologists and toxicology technical staff in Alberta, Canada.

  • The society has hosted an annual spring meeting in the Canadian Rockies every year since 1989, to which many well known toxicologists have contributed. Other scientific presentations are made during the year at the annual fall meeting or at periodic special seminars.

  • The membership structure and name of the Society was changed in March 2002, to recognize a broader base of toxicology.
  • Membership is open to all professionals engaged in the practice of toxicology within the Canadian Province of Alberta. Others who have a professional interest in either toxicology, but who are either not directly employed in the field or who are not resident in Alberta may join as Affiliate members.
Society Objectives
  1. To promote high professional standards in the field of clinical, forensic and other fields of human toxicology.
  2. To foster the exchange of scientific information relevant to human toxicology.
  3. To promote training of personnel involved in the practice of human toxicology.
  4. To promote professional relationships with affiliated scientific and technical groups.
  5. To provide representation for practitioners of human toxicology within the Province of Alberta.

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